After 4 years from the previous CD is now ready the new album: “Our mental Illusions are nicer than yours”.

An album of free music (free in a creative sense, not economical, because despite the recent common believe, supported by popular platforms like Spotify where musicians are payed only 0,007 dollars per streaming, musicians have actually stomachs like anyone else and sometime they need to eat, too, so our music at the moment is not downloadable for free).

We call the music of this album free because (at least in our intentions) is not limited by clichés of musical genres.

In this album you can find acoustic ballads, ambients soundscapes, contemporary orchestrations, psychedelic arrangements, techno beats... and other musical colours.

If you, like us, are a bit bored by most of the music promoted by the mainstream platforms and you are searching for something different (not necessarily better, but different...) you may perhaps like the exploration of some of the views contained in this album.

The White Whisper



The White Whisper is a collaborative, open, musical project leaded by Massimo Barberi.

You can find more information about The White Whisper and Massimo Barberi in the section Bio.

And you can listen to the album Away from the world (2010) and Our mental Illusions are better than yours (2014), here: